Why this blog?

I am a mom. I am also a person, a woman and a wife. But most of all: I.AM.ME.

It’s funny that the day you announce to the world you are pregnant, people start giving you advice (that you never asked for), commenting on your every move, especially when it comes to how you feel or what you eat. You would think that after your baby is born, all of the madness would stop, but actually it doesn’t. It just shifts to how to raise your child.

Truth: being a mom is hard. And yes, sometimes it sucks. You never really have time for yourself, and when you do, you kind of feel guilty for leaving your little one at home while you go get a pedicure. Our society does that, too. But you know, being a mom does not mean forgetting who we are. There is nothing wrong with taking a little time out.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a new mom. My little guy is my world. He is the first thing I think about when I wake up, and the last thing I think about when I go to bed. He is always on my mind, and everything I do on a daily basis, I do for him and my husband. They are my everything… so much so, that I sometimes forget about myself. That’s when I turn to writing.

Writing is my way to allow my feelings, thoughts and fears to flow out. It often helps me think allows me to recenter myself. After a good write, I am usually relieved and better able to get back to my daily life.

So here we are… with this blog about being a mom and everything that comes with it. Nothing but the truth here…


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