I’m out: I am vegan

go-veganAlthough I have been looking into this new lifestyle and even dabbling with it for several weeks, today is the day that I finally take the pledge and come out. As of today, Tuesday October 4th 2016: I AM VEGAN. As a I said I have been looking (understand: doing a tremendous amount of reading and researching) into this for months. Although I kinda-sorta gave up meat (red and poultry) weeks ago, I would find myself taking a bite here and there and not thinking much of it… so, what changed?

I guess it always bothered me that I was never able to pin point a date as to the start of this new life, and I was not really comfortable with the occasional one bite. I guess I needed further motivation, one last push to cross the final boundary.

“Earhtlings” did it.

I watched “Forks over knives” and “Cowspiracy” weeks ago, and those 2 documentaries had already motivated me. But “Earthlings” was the final straw.

When I see my kids and their reactions when they see animals, it’s a definite reminder that we are born into compassion for other beings. All other beings, not just humans. My husband and I often joke that our youngest will be a vet when he grows up, because of how much he loves animals. How can I watch him gush over the “baby chickens” he sees running through our yard, and yet feed him their cousin for dinner? Exactly, I can’t. Not if I want to be true to myself and to him.

I realize that this change of lifestyle is drastic. But I also realize that I have been fooling myself my whole life. My whole life I’ve been saying “I love animals” but here I was contributing to the massive suffering of billions of them. Why? Exactly, I don’t have a valid reason either. Nutrients? All available in the plant kingdom. Taste? Plants also provide. There is so much information out there, readily available, and easily accessible. There is no contesting possible.

It was almost meant to be that I would watch this today, and take the final step to change my life. You see, today is my best friend’s birthday. She is celebrating being 31 in heaven. Pancreatic cancer ripped her out of my life and left me no choice but to learn how to be without her. In her memory, I started a journey to becoming the best version of myself possible after she passed, 2 years ago. This journey started with health. Health truly is your biggest wealth. Without it, we can’t do anything else, not even think clearly.

So happy birthday, Best Friend, and happy day-versary to me.


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