What’s the next #prayfor gonna be?

Disclaimer: I am about to rant. I am French. And I am sick of the social media/mass media bullshit.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know what happened in Paris last Friday. Heck, you’d have to be living under rock, blind AND deaf to not know about it. Although my heart aches for all the families who have lost a loved one, my mind can’t help but wonder: Why does the world care so much?

Within a few hours of the attacks, my Facebook feed was flooded with blue, white and red profile pictures, and countless hashtags asking (commanding?) me to “pray for Paris” or “pray for France” – this is when I call bullshit.

This supposed solidarity shows up every time something horrible happens. In fact, it only shows up after a catastrophe or tragedy covered by mass media. That’s exactly what the problem is. 130 people die in the French capital, and all of a sudden everybody wants to be French (not really, but you get the idea). All of a sudden, there is a kind of sadness contest and people change their profile pictures, join walks, or take pictures of the candles they have lit in memory of those who died… some even go as far as to dress in black and take selfies, making sure not to caption it with one of the stupid hashtags mentioned earlier. WTF? When did sadness become trendy?

I’m so sick of people only showing “solidarity” when the rest of the world (or should I say the rest of Facebook?) does. Yes, 130 people died. But thousands of people die every day… of hunger, of disease, in accidents, in wars. Where are their hashtags? Where are their flags? Are we not supposed to care because the media do not mention them? Or do we simply not care because they are too foreign and not close enough to home?

I’m so sick of the fake solidarity. And I’m so sick of people thinking I am heartless for saying this. How am I heartless? I think we should care about everyone dying unfairly. After all, aren’t we all important? Then, why do people need something like terrorist attacks to show any form of solidarity or support?

Repeat after me: this is bullshit.


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