Who am I doing this for?

Since my weight-loss journey began in January 2011, I have been overly aware of how much I weigh. In my first year, I lost over 22kg on my own, with dieting and exercising. I did not become one of those “eat 2 pieces of lettuce a day” fanatics, or one of those “let’s run 5km before breakfast” weirdos. Absolutely none of that.

It has been 4.5 years since the beginning of my transformation. I started at 105kg, and am now down to 76.5kg. In the meantime I also had 2 beautiful baby boys, and the youngest just turned 1. I am almost 30kg down – quite the accomplishment! My ultimate goal is to reach 70kg… A weight I haven’t seen since middle school. In an effort to lose the remaining few kilos, but mostly in an effort to support my cousin on her transformation journey, I joined a weight loss program with a coach, nutrition advice and a gym membership. This was 3 weeks ago. It changed my life.

Here I was, thinking I was healthier because I had lost a lot of weight. WRONG! I learned a lot, about good nutrition and what is means to be healthy. So here we go, not on a journey to be skinnier, but on a journey to be healthier. For me, but mostly for my boys. For my husband, so he can be proud of his wife, for my sons so they can be proud of their mom. For the 3 of them, so I can be around as long as possible.


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