“Well, your girl has a penis!”

And with these words, I found out the sex of our second baby.

My husband and I were actually thinking about not finding the gender, and I have to admit that I was more on board with this idea than he was. I thought that finding out the sex was not necessary because in the end, it’s true: it really does not matter. All I cared about was having a healthy baby.

A few days before our appointment I had a dream. THE dream that all women talk about, THE dream that supposedly tells you the gender of your baby. THE dream where you somehow foresee the future and you either see your baby boy or baby girl. In my dream, I was at my doctor’s appointment for our ultrasound. I was laying down and looking up at the screen, on which the baby’s boy parts were so clear that the doctor did not need to say anything.

I told my husband about my dream the next morning and he kind of laughed. I had a similar dream with our first baby, and I was right. The dream made me curious and I agreed to finding out the gender a few days later.

From the day that we announced this pregnancy, people had been telling me our baby was a girl. Everyone was so convinced, and I have to say that I did like that idea. I was getting excited about all the little girl clothes and all the pink tutus… and the shoes! Oh, the shoes!

But my “revelation” dream put doubts in my head. And so, still with images of glitter and butterflies floating around in my head, I walked into our doctor’s appointment. I was laying down and looking up at the screen, just like in my dream, when I saw it. The doctor did not need to say anything. He asked me if we wanted to find out the gender, and I simply told him that I was not sure but everyone else said our baby was a girl.

And so he said “Well, your girl has a penis!”

But I already knew. His boy parts were just RIGHT THERE. Impossible to mistake. Oh, well – there will be no girlie glittery foo-foo clothes on my shopping list. I have to admit that I was a little sad about not having a girl. I was kind of looking forward to something different… but it only lasted a few minutes.

When I think about all the adventures my boys (Daddy-o) included will get into, I can’t help but think that things could not have turned out any other way… Plus Mommy gets to keep her queen statues 🙂


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