The giant mommy bag

I have always been a purse fan. Always. When I got the idea for this post, I went into my closet and counted. 42. That’s how many different bags I own. No 2 are alike, and I seriously have one for every occasion, in any shape, color or size. Except for “Mommy size.” That’s the newest addition to my collection.

Purses are so cute. They compliment and complement your outfit, they say a lot about you personality. They are a necessity… with shoes, but that’s for another post. I’m addicted to both. I often joke with my husband that if I ever lost my job, I would just sell all my shoes and purses and probably would have enough money for rent and food for 2 months. Get the picture?

When I was pregnant with my son, my husband and I spent a good 40minutes in the baby store one day, trying to pick out the perfect diaper bag. It had to be easy to pack, functional and somewhat “hip” since my husband was going to be carrying it. After analyzing all the bags the store had to offer, we finally settled on the one. It’s black, has all kinds of pockets, even an insulated one, easy to open… the perfect diaper bag. It was roomy enough to pack diapers, wipes, a blanket, clothes and bottles for an all day adventure. I honestly thought that it was all I needed. And then, Son came.

At first, we were really good about using the diaper bag. We would pack it and take it everywhere… that’s when we realized that, although it was (still is) an awesome bag, sometimes we just needed something to hold 1 bottle and a couple of diapers for quick errands. So we started using one of my casual bags. It works. It’s convenient.

So what is the deal with the mommy bag, you ask?

Well, the Mommy bag is the largest purse you have ever owned. You only get one after you have a baby, because even though you have an official diaper bag and a smaller diaper bag for quick errands, you still need a purse large enough to fit the whole house in. Why? Because. Let’s say you’re out on an errand with your baby, and he decides he wants his binkie. You reach into the diaper bag and pull it out. 5 minutes later he’s over it, where do you put the binkie? That’s right: in your purse. What if he decides he wants to snuggle his giant swaddle blanket as you walk into the store? You reach into the diaper bag and pull it out. 5 minutes later he’s over it, where do you put the binkie? That’s right: in your purse. The same goes for his jacket, his shoes, his left-over bottle and his toys. I’m sure that if I tried, I could actually fit my son in it…

The giant mommy bag is the bag that gets caught on everything because it’s so big. It’s the bag that requires its own chair at the restaurant. It’s the bag in which you can never find any of your belongings because they are all buried under your baby’s things… and yet, it’s also your life-saver. When I bought my newest purse (a.k.a. the official giant mommy bag), my husband kind of laughed and wondered why I needed such a big bag. I told him that in time, he would see why. 2 days later, we were out and about and it was a big cold, so I pulled out Son’s blanket out of my purse, followed by bottle and later on Miss Binkie. Husband was impressed. He has never doubted the necessity of the mommy bag since πŸ™‚

I never thought I would ever need a purse this big unless I was traveling… but boy am I glad I have one now! And yes it’s huge, but it does not mean it has to look like a trash bag. Mine is Coach, with a very cute light pink zebra print… a mommy bag in disguise πŸ˜‰


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