To bathe or not to bathe? There should be no question!

I was browsing through some posts on WordPress earlier and came across one that just blew my mind. I know that we all have different parenting styles – and honestly, to each his own- but still!

This new mom was casually describing her daily schedule with her baby, giving pointers here and there about nap time and feedings… and bathing only every other day. *double take* WHAT?! She then goes on to explain that her baby does not need to be bathed every day unless he gets really messy during feedings. Ummmmm WHAT?!

You can call me judgemental, I don’t care. That is just not okay with me. Yes I am a bit of a neat freak (you can read my previous post if you want), but you would never catch me bathing Son only every other day. Gross! No, my kid is not gross. Not bathing is gross.

So maybe our little ones are not out in the outside world all day, like we are. Maybe they don’t sweat as much (that’s what you think!) or don’t look dirty… but would YOU consider showering every other day only? Hell no! Think about it, between the diapers, the baby powder and the wipes… none of that is very good for their skin. It would be like you only using a makeup remover wipe everyday, without actually washing your face. Ugh! No thanks!

So, maybe I grew up on an island where it’s hot and humid and we shower at least twice a day. Yes, you read thay correctly: at least twice a day. Maybe that gives me a different perspective, but still!

I remember that when my son was born, my mother in law said something like I should not bathe my son so much every day. For her, it was weird to bathe a baby twice a day. So I gave her the same answer I give to everyone who thinks I’m weird: first, a baby just spent 9 months in a bath… don’t you think it’s weird for him to go from that to NOTHING all of a sudden? Second, we live in the tropics, it’s hot.

I know that not everyone lives in a warm climate. But that’s no reason to deprive your baby of his most familiar environment: water.

Sonboy loves bath time and water so much (and yes, I’ll take full credit for that) that I think he’s part fish! His 2 baths are part of our daily routines: one in the morning after his nap, and one in the evening after dinner. It’s amazing how much he looks forward to it and how much it relaxes him. It’s his daily treat and I would never take that away from him

Call me weird all you want, but I love watching my son play fish twice a day 🙂

Ok, rant is over. G’night!


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