This post started as something totally different. I started writing about something that bothers me on a daily basis… and then my baby semi-woke up from his nap so I dropped what I was doing to go get him.
You see, Son is a happy baby. He rarely cries, especially when he wakes up. He opens his eyes and starts smiling. The only time that doesn’t happen is when he had a nightmare or he’s not fully awake, like 10 minutes ago. He was stirring, half crying half sleeping so I picked him up.
I put his head on my chest, rubbed his back and gently bounced us on our yoga ball. He quickly calmed down and fell back asleep. We are now sitting on the couch, his head is still on my chest and he is holding on to me like a little Koala bear.
This embrace, this very position, is what reminds me that nothing will ever change the fact that Mama will always be there to soothe and comfort him when he needs.
As he is soundly dreaming, I get to take in his baby smell and his warmth. I like to think that my heart beat is all he needs to chase any anxiety away.

And so, with this sleeping baby on me, I decided to change my post. Because really, how can I complain about anything while holding this perfect little human?

So yes, it’s hot and my back is sore and I have to pee. But I don’t care, because this moment… This is bliss. ❤


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