Why I love reality TV


The other day, I was watching my usual reality TV shows when my husband commented, yet again, about how crazy these women were. “I don’t understand why a smart woman like you would want to watch this sh*t. They’re nuts. It’s seriously stressing me out watching this.” I laughed. My husband is the typical guy: he flees drama like no other. Me? I only love drama on TV.

So, why? Why do I watch these stupid shows? Simply because they make me laugh and I use them as a form of therapy. As any typical chick, I like a good gossip – but I only like drama if it does not involve me directly. So I found the best of both worlds in crazy reality shows where women plot, deceive and end up screaming at each other. It’s like therapy. I watch other people’s drama, I laugh, I judge (oh boy, do I!) and yet I feel absolutely no remorse and there are no consequences.

In an odd way, it allows me to decompress. I watch other people scream at each other and it makes me more patient in life because I realize that they put themselves in these situations and that their freak outs are unnecessary.

Anyway, gotta go! The re-run of the Shas of Sunset reunion is about to start and I missed it yesterday 🙂

I’m very aware that these shows are stupid… but they make me laugh… so what are you gonna do? I’m hooked!


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