Wrestling spinach

popeye-spinach-shirt“Eat your vegetables!” I told my son, as he was happily sucking/chewing on his sweet potato and spinach puree. He then looked at me and laughed, and so did I. The whole thing was a joke, of course, because my son happens to eat anything and everything I give him. I guess we just got lucky, or the fact that I started letting him taste food from when he was very little added to his taste. I don’t know. But at any rate, I am very happy about that… which is not the case for every mom out there. I know that a lot of Mamas are struggling to make their babies eat vegetables, or fruit, or anything that is not milk. It’s ok mommies, hang in there. I am no expert, but I love food – and if there is one thing I understand, it’s GOOD food.

I think there are some basic principles when it comes to feeding your little person:

  1. be patient (something he/she does not like today, he/she might like next week… and vice versa!)
  2. use fresh ingredients
  3. don’t feed baby what you would not eat yourself

The last one is key. Parents always think that their kids need to eat all kinds of weird vegetables that they do not eat themselves, and very often the same vegetables are served boiled. *barf* The best way to kill taste (and vitamins and nutrients) is to boil it. DON’T DO IT! Go for steaming or roasting instead.

So, HOW do I get my son to eat anything? The short answer is

  1. I use combos. I never (maybe 99% of the time) feed him anything with only one flavor, unless I already know that he likes it.
  2. I let him taste all the ingredients that go into his puree individually before I mix them

For example, yesterday I wanted to introduce tofu and spinach. So I whipped the tofu in the blender and let him taste that. He seemed to be ok with it, so I added some strawberries (which I know he loves) and bingo! He was hooked. The same goes for spinach. I steamed some sweet potato (which he loves) and also seemed some fresh spinach (washed 4 times, stems removed). When everything was cooked, I gave him a little piece of spinach to nibble on – he was ok with it, but not too sure. Then I just blended the sweet potato with the spinach and tadaa! He ate the whole jar (2ounces).

My next step will be to increase the amouny of spinach until it becomes thr main ingredient, and hopefully he will still like it… we shall see! 🙂


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