Bitterness and Valentine’s day

ImageIt’s really funny how every year, there seem to be 2 distinct groups of women who talk about Valentine’s day: the bitter ones (who either don’t have a valentine or their valentine sucks at being romantic) and the ooey-gooey ones (whose partner is just perfect and showers them with gifts, flowers and chocolates).

Ladies, this one is for all of you: being bitter will not change the situation, so get over it – and nobody likes a pretentious bitch, so shut up.

It’s funny how women, whether we like to admit it or not, can attach so much importance to a stupid day. It is ONE day out of the year, and, let’s face it, the only reason why we care is because we want to be like everyone else. We want our co-workers to see that our husband, boyfriend, or crush, is better than theirs. We want to put our affection on display, and end up exaggerating it for the whole world to see – and envy us! Valentine’s day, is not so much about Cupid anymore, but really about being STOO-PID. Enough, already!

The day has become a competition, again – as if we didn’t have enough of it the rest of the year. Come on, you know you wore this dress today because it makes you look good, you know you bought these shoes to make your office-mate jealous, and you know that you only eat carrot sticks at work to make the girl on the opposite desk feel bad about eating an Oreo.


At the risk of sounding naive, or using a cliche: little attentions matter year-round, not just on one day. So what if he didn’t spend $100 on perfect roses to have delivered at your work place? Did he kiss you good morning, at least? Does he do it every day? Then what are you complaining about?

Single ladies: who cares if you are single? Yes, it sucks to have your nose rubbed in it – but guess what? Remember that all this display is 99% for show! So stop the pity-party, it’s only 24 hours – tomorrow, no one will give another thought to the roses your coworker got. Grab your other single girlfriends, and go out to dinner. No single friends? Get yourself a good dinner and rejoice in the fact that you do not have to conform!

My husband, poor guy, always gets so worked up about Valentine’s day. He seriously borders anxiety attacks every year. Why? I have no idea. He sees his boys at work getting all nervous and he listens to their horror stories about their crazy mean wives who end up yelling at them because they did not get diamond earrings. Yesterday he was looking kind of low, and he finally told me: “Honey, I really don’t know what to do for Valentine’s Day…” – I could hear the stress, and almost fear, in his voice. Why was my husband feeling this way? Definitely not ok.

So my fellow females, let’s stop stressing about this stupid day, and let’s stop stressing our partners.

What am I doing for Valentine’s day? The same thing I do every Friday: spend time with my boys!

My birthday, however, is a different story đŸ˜€



One thought on “Bitterness and Valentine’s day

  1. We don’t celebrate it, not out of antagonism but ambivalence. My take is that I don’t need tangible gifts as long as I have these lovely intangibles in my life. I didn’t think I wanted ’em, but . . . they are good. Really good.

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