What’s on the menu?


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I always make 3 days worth of food at a time for Baby K. He has been eating 2 2-ounce jars of food everyday (although I feel like I need to start increasing how much food I make), including 1 jar of fruit and 1 jar of vegetables.

But I’m running out of ideas. I always try to introduce new flavors and new combinations (I just whipped up a batch of apple sauce with red beets the other day) but I’m running out of inspiration. I’ve been toying with the idea of introducing beans or even meat (chicken or fish) but I’m thinking that he might still be too small for that (almost 7 months but he has been eating solids since 4 months).

Since I feed him all organic non-gmo stuff, I try to go with what is in season these days… which, other than pumpkin or apples and pears, is not much lately. I’m sure inspiration will come back when I go to the farmers market this weekend, or Whole Foods later today. My husband keeps telling me that it does not have to be “something new” everyday – he’s right, but I can’t help but thinking that my son will get bored if I just keep recycling his menu on a 2-3 week rotation… did I mention I have OCD?

In the meantime, I found this chart – something that might help some of us trying to feed our little ones 🙂 … although I think some of the ages mentioned are more of an estimate… (here is the site)


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