Our first date

3 years ago, on February 4th, I went out with some friends to one of the social events our city has once a month. I really did not want to go, and my friends convinced me. I remember thinking that I would only stay out for a little bit and then go home. We all walked into a little bar and without a second thought I made my way straight to the bar. “Cosmopolitan for me and my girls, please!”

I briefly remember brushing off some guy on my way to the bar. I think he tried to wave at me or something and I did not even look at him, I just kept walking. While I was ordering our drinks, I could hear a guy talking to my girl friends behind me. At that time, one of my friends was pretty famous for running off with some guy and leaving me with our other girl friend to end the night on our own. So at that point I thought “man, there she goes again!” When I turned around with our drinks, the same guy she was talking to came up to me and introduced himself. I thought “Dude, just because you like my friend doesn’t mean that you and I will be friends” – little did I know that I had just met my husband 🙂

It turns out that he was asking my friend about me, while I was getting our drinks. He was asking her where I was from and was basically trying to see if there was any chance that I would talk to him. I gave him the cold shoulder when I met him, but after my friend explained the situation to me I felt really bad and I went to find him. We talked a bit, danced a bit. And then he had to leave. He gave me his phone number and asked me to call him sometime. I was in charge. The responsibility was on me. I texted him right away so he would have my number, and told him that he could also call me anytime.

A week later, on February 11th, we went on our “first date.” It was his birthday and I met up with him and his friends at a karaoke bar. I don’t sing. I just wanted to see him. We hung out, stayed up all night. And here we are, 3 years later, married with a wonderful baby boy. My life is complete.

If I had not gone out that first night, we would have never met. It turns out that he did not want to go out that night either, what are the odds? It turns out that he had gotten to that bar only about 5 minutes before I walked in. It turns out that we both only stayed at that place for a about 30 minutes. It turns out that it was meant to be.

Today is my husband’s birthday and his day always brings back memories of how we met. It was meant to be. ❤


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