“You’re feeding him WHAT?!”

healthy-eatingWhen I told people that my son, at 4 months old, was starting to eat solids, I got all kinds of reactions… and unsolicited advice. It’s funny that when it comes to having a baby (during pregnancy and after), people always feel like they have to tell you what to do… even if they don’t have kids of their own!

Before I started my son on solid foods, I did all kinds of research. Yes, I am a bit of a nerd and I like to know everything. I read all kinds of research articles and blogs about food, what to feed them, how many times a day, when, etc. And after hours (yes, hours) of reading I came to realize that feeding babies has a lot to do with common sense.

When they start eating solids, their digestive system is only used to milk (breast or formula), so obviously we have to start with small doses. Another obvious fact is that we have to start with foods that are easy to digest (so meat or garlic are a definite no-no… duh!). And then, we have to worry about food allergies, so food should be introduced on a 3-4 day pattern, with one new item at a time. Other than that, it’s pretty much a go for anything.

What seems to shock people is that I feed my son fruit. So many mothers are against feeding their babies fruit and they will try to give you all kinds of scary reasons why you should not do that: early tooth decay, they will hate vegetables, they will become addicted to sugar, etc. Excuse my French, but that’s bullcrap. My son eats both fruit and vegetables and so far the only thing he doesn’t really like is avocado and brown rice. He is 6 months old, and every day he has 2 kinds a purees: 1 mixed fruit puree, and 1 mixed vegetable puree. I think the key is taste and flavor. I really want my son to have good tastes in food, so I make it a point to make sure his food tastes good.

Do your baby a favor: use only fresh ingredients… and don’t feed your baby something you would not eat! Why do people try to make their kids eat boiled spinach or boiled Brussels sprouts? Give your baby something that tastes good, how hard is that?

I know that some moms may prefer to buy pre-made baby food jars from the store. I agree that they are convenient, but be careful with what is in them. They all tend to pack on loads of sodium and artificial preservatives. Why not try making your own? You can prep a whole week’s worth of food in 1hour on the weekends and freeze it πŸ™‚

A few tips from my kitchen to yours:

  • use only fresh ingredients
  • go organic and non-gmo (health first, people!)
  • make your baby’s food – it’s not that hard I promise!
  • steam steam steam! Boiled vegetables and fruit taste gross and lose most of their nutrients and vitamins
  • keep all your cooking gear and baby jars very clean
  • wash and peel all your vegetables and fruit
  • go with variety (how would you like to eat the same thing everyday for a week?)
  • if your baby does not like something the first time around, let it go – you can try again in a few weeks!

10 thoughts on ““You’re feeding him WHAT?!”

  1. Sometimes it seems it’s especially folks without kids who are quickest to offer guidance! In all cases, I’m dubious. Why on earth would I trust a stranger over my own research and instincts? And why on earth would a stranger assume that another parent hadn’t done at least a little researching, with much better and more reliable results than passing comments from the feedback gallery?

    My second one is on the way in a month and a half or so, so I’m gearing up for this commentary again. I’m also preparing to do things like make my own solid food instead of buying it. It’s so much better that way. I’d like the store-bought stuff to be the back-up and, this time around, I think I’ll be a little less overwhelmed by the idea that a single wrong choice will irrevocably destroy my child. (Amazing how much energy that ate up the first couple of months the first time around!)

    • People are funny that way. And you’re right: it’s crazy how much stupid comments and people can gnaw at us. I’ve definitely stopped listening to other people. Good luck with the second one πŸ™‚ there has been talk of baby 2 in our house lately too πŸ˜‰

  2. As long as you are well educated in your decision you have do to what works for you. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly people give their unsolicited opinions, or worse judgements. You should have seen the looks I got when I was pregnant with the twins and told people I was a vegetarian. “But you eat fish right?” Nope. “But your babies…” While I chose to wait with my kids, from one mother to another I support you πŸ™‚

  3. I am starting my sweet twins on solids now and I am so excited to make all their food. I like knowing what is going in to it plus it saves money!
    I know what you mean about people giving out advice, whenever I do give advice I am sure to say that this is what worked for me but every baby or person is different and that you will know what works best for your baby or yourself. I am doing things at different times even for my twins. My sweet girl started solids about a month ago and I am just now starting on my son because she was ready and he was not.

  4. I’m pretty sure my 5 month old is ready for solids. I was told by my doctor not to start giving any until 6 months but it sure seems like she’s ready. She follows our forks or smoothie glasses with her eyes and even reaches out to them. Do I trust that I know best and think she’s ready for solids or follow doctors advice? I’m hesitant to start feeding her solids but she sure gets a kick out of gnawing on the cold carrots I hold for her sore teething gums! I let her suck on a sugar snap pea that I’d bitten into and she seemed to like that quite a bit too. Either way I’m excited to see her reaction to new foods when I do introduce them(whenever that will be) and watch all those funny adorable “new food” faces!

    • Our doctor was goibg to talk to us about solids at his 5 month visit… but I started him at 4 months lol. Of course I don’t mean that I replaced any bottles with food at 4 months, but every day I had him taste a little teaspoon of something and gradually increased the dosage.
      You’re going to have so much fun feeding your baby! I love it πŸ™‚ you get creative in the kitchen and you both learn what works and what doesn’t πŸ™‚ (just beware that starches -potatoes or bananas – can make baby a bit constipated… at least they do for my little guy)

  5. As we are vegetarian I wanted to get nut butters into my daughter’s diet asap~ lots of fat and other goodness. The doctor had told me that other than honey there are no more food rules regarding introducing foods early (nuts, eggs etc.) Needless to say everyone had an opinion and was shocked that I’d give a baby peanut butter. There are no allergies in either of our families and I tried it at times when I could easily get emergency help if it was necessary…. just as I would do with any new food! I don’t know why people are so concerned and judgmental about children that are clearly safe, happy and thriving, yet as a society there is too much turning a blind eye to real abuse.

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