My love affair with detoxing


Detox water: strawberries, lime and cold water. Infuse for 30min, and drink up!

Aaah… detox… I swear, there really is a hippie in me. I am far from being a tree-hugger, but I do live by some simple principles. I guess you could say that I am into clean living, and I really believe that what you put in your body is crucial (she types, with her ice cream spoon still in her mouth 😉 ). I am not a big fan of dieting, however some simple daily changes can go a long way.

Here is a little trick I (should really) do every day: detox water. Citrus fruits have a lot of benefits. But to keep things simple, they are known for: astringent properties, vitamin C, can potentially decrease the risk of heart disease, antiviral, helps digestion… but the most important aspect is: DIURETIC! Lemons and limes help flush out toxins and excess water from your body.

There are also a lot of benefits to drinking cold water when you first wake up, the main one being: it speeds up your metabolism. After a long (or short) night of sleep, your body needs to start fresh.. and every morning is a chance to start the day by doing your body good.

Million dollar tip: water is the first thing you should put in your body in the morning. DO IT! You can thank me later.

This simple water recipe takes the best of both worlds: cold water to boost the metabolism and hydrate, lime to flush out toxins and excess water, and strawberries for vitamins and flavor. Another favorite is lemon, cucumber and mint. Get creative, drink water! 🙂


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