The hippie in me…

strawberry pear (left) butternut squash (right)

strawberry pear (left)
butternut squash (right)

… switched her family to organic non-gmo!

It started when my son’s interest in food became more of an obsession. He would open his mouth every time I ate or drank anything. He would make chewing motions whenever he saw us eat. He was only about 3.5 months old, so I waited until he was 4 months to get him started. My best friend had bought me the best baby shower present ever, a Baby Bullet, and I couldn’t wait to use it. But first, I did research. When it comes to my son, I tend to only partially listen to my elders. Not because I don’t trust them, but because I want to try things and find other people’s input. So when I started talking about solid foods with my mom, she told me that homemade was always the best because you can control what goes in. So true! I was definitely on the same page as her for that.

But where was I supposed to start? And by the way, unless you can really handle unsolicited advice, don’t tell anyone that you would like to start your baby on solid food. People will give you long lists of what to do, and how, and when, and blah blah blah… do your own research, you’re better off that way.

Anyways… Around me, people had been going on and on about GMO food and Monsanto the big bad wolf, and so I started reading up on that, too. That’s when something clicked. FYI, everyone talks about GMO but not a lot of people actually know what it’s about. When I found out more about it I made the decision to definitely give my son a better chance, because let’s face it: with all the canned foods and what-not that we have eaten since we were little, most of us are doomed. I like to think that I can make a difference for him. Of course he’ll eat pop corn, but if 90% of his diet can be organic and non-gmo, why not?

So there. My son eats all organic non-gmo homemade food. Time consuming? Not really, it only takes about 10min to make a 3-day batch (peeling, cooking and mixing times included). Expensive? Not really, 1 yam make enough to fill up 6 Baby Bullet jars… And since I was doing it for him, I also did it for my husband and I. We still eat pizza or beef stew, only now I know where all the ingredients came from. And I feel good about it. It allows me to have some control over what is going on in my house, at least.

(p.s.: as a side note, I coupon – so I have become a pro at shopping for cheap. And yes, organic goods and even stores, also carry coupons! But this is meant for another post 🙂 )


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