The mommy diet

ImageI was never skinny to begin with. My whole life, I’ve been chunky… actually, let’s be real: fat. I don’t have an excuse, there is no excuse. I love food, and I was lazy. I hid behind my asthma in order to do as little physical activity as possible, but really I could have done something sooner.

Between 2010 and 2011 I lost over 60lbs. I finally decided to stop making excuses and I went to the gym. I ate very healthy (counting calories, diet or light everything, you name it – I did it!).

Then I got pregnant.

One of my first thoughts after seeing the little positive test was “oh no… I’m going to be fat again.” In order not to explode, I was really careful during my pregnancy. I gained 20lbs, and tried to not overdo it on the food. I paid attention to my calorie intake and did it all in the name of my little guy. Everyone kept telling me that the weight would come right off, as soon as he was born and I started breastfeeding. Lies.

The only reason why I lost most (not all!) of my pregnancy weight is because I’m on the mommy diet: I never have time to eat. I really only have 1 meal a day: breakfast. Lunch is usually inhaled in about 5 minutes, and dinner… what’s that? And then, when I do have time to eat I always crave something loaded with sauce or cheese… and of course, no time to exercise…

ugh! The mommy diet is possibly the toughest diet I’ve ever been on.


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