Becoming a mom

Becoming a mom is possibly the greatest adventure I have lived so far. It actually started a long time before my positive at-home pregnancy test. In fact, I think it started the day that I met my newborn niece. Years before I even met my husband, years before we would embark on this journey. That day, something shifted (or sprouted?) inside of me. When I held her in my arms for the first time, and stared at her long eye lashes, her pink skin and cute button nose, I knew. I knew that I wanted to hold a baby this small someday, and that I wanted to call it mine. Her innocence and peacefulness as she slept so quietly in my arms, shook me to my core. She was so oblivious to the rest of the world, and here I was with my heart ready to explode with love for this little human being that didn’t even know I existed. In that very moment, I felt in me the need to become a mom.

Years later I would meet my husband and to this day, he still does not know how much he completed my life when he gave me our son. This baby has been loved from the moment we agreed to conceive him. We didn’t even know if we could get pregnant or the hows and the whys of having a baby. But I knew. I knew that this was what I was meant to do my whole life.

So when the day finally came announcing that we did have a little one on board, things fell perfectly into place. I took on my pregnancy like a warrior, fearless and ready. It was just meant to be. I ate healthy and stayed positive. I let my body do what evolution had prepared it to do. When my son was born, it was like my life was finally complete. After 12 hours of labor, when I first laid eyes on him, I remember thinking “there he is… finally… thank you, for choosing me to be your mom, precious one.”

Becoming a mom, definitely changed me. From the moment I found out I was pregnant (and possibly even before), my love for my baby started growing exponentially, fiercely, and it hasn’t stopped since. When I first saw him, I thought that my heart was going to burst out of my chest from all the love and happiness that rushed in at that very moment. I guess you could call it maternal instinct. It is so strong and pure, that it almost hurts. It is like an invisible, unbreakable, thread constantly links us. What a feeling…


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